Speech Recognition

Open, Simpler, Faster

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High performance, low resources

Speech Capture & Recognition made easy

Build on Industry Standards

Telisma's technology uses standards based VXML, not proprietary speech objects.

Develop Using Easy to Use Tools

Telisma’s easy to use tools allow you to optimize speech recognition to meet your exact requirements

Deploy at lightning speed

Telisma reduces the time and cost of optimizing speech recognition for your specific needs.
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Reliable and Proven

Put your speech recognition needs into capable hands

Excellent Noise Robustness

Peerless voice recognition from landlines to car phones, even in noisy, sound-polluted environments.

Reliable and Proven

We handled over 5 billion phone calls last year. We know what we’re doing.

Servicing Heavy Hitters

Over 100 groundbreaking companies depend on our services, including Telefonica, Orange & Vodafone.
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