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Telisma gives you the power and tools to add and fine tune languages.

teliSpeech Connected edition

on-device speech capture + on-line speech recognition
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teliSpeech Embedded edition

on-device speech capture + on-device speech recognition
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teliSpeech Server edition

Speech recognition software for IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
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Deliver a Great Experience

Telisma employs cutting edge technology to work with the latest applications, making it the perfect fit for accuracy-driven professionals.

Remote Automation

Reach all of your communicative devices remotely from the comfort of--well, anywhere you please

Quickly Search Multimedia

Search for your favorite multimedia with a single command.

One Shot Address

Find local listings and get to them quickly with one shot address entry

No More "Pay to Say"

Empowering Language Tools

Our intuitive tool suite empowers you to generate, or fine tune, your own language library.

Eliminates Professional Dependence

Get your money’s worth—and more—without tacking on additional “specialty” fees.