discover what telisma can do for you

Superior noise robustness for crystal clear in car communication

teliSpeech Embedded edition

on-device speech capture + on-device speech recognition

Optimized performance/resources for off-line products

Car or set-top-boxes that listen to you, and respond purposefully, are no longer a thing of the future.

Smart Audio Dialing

Keep your hands on the wheel and simply say the number or contact you wish to reach.

Hands free navigation

One shot destination entry takes you where you need to go, efficiently and seamlessly.

Think, Speak, Listen

Browse through your music collection while you think about it out loud.

Extensive Language and Hardware Support

Minimally Resource-Intensive

Unleash your device’s true processing power while Telisma runs almost invisibly in the background.

Surpass Your Goals

Quickly and easily improve your product’s command
recognition rates.

Multilingual Support & Extensibility

Telisma tools give you the power to communicate with more people than you thought possible, more precisely than ever.

Broad International Reach

Reach people the world over in 40+ languages.

Create Additional Languages

Add languages to communicate your unique ideas to more audiences, more accurately than ever before.