discover what telisma can do for you

Effortlessly control your favorite smart device

teliSpeech Connected edition

on-device speech capture + on-line speech recognition

Add user interaction magic to your connected product, in an easy and affordable way

Lightweight software into your watch, robot or wearable connected to cloud-based speech recognition

Minimally Resource-Intensive

Keep your device performing at optimal speeds with our minimally resource-intensive solution

Global Language Coverage

Now you can virtually reach all the corners of the globe with over 40 language packs

Limitless Voice Control

With Telisma, you can talk to your devices like never before, from HVAC to gaming consoles

Don’t let distractions and complexity get in the way of enjoying your favorite multimedia.

Manipulate Playback Controls

Effortlessly manipulate controls like volume, play, seek, and more from afar.

Intuitive Multimedia Search

Searching for your favorite musical or visual entertainment is a breeze with Telisma solutions.

Cut through the noise

Telisma’s voice recognition works through noisy environments, it only hears what’s relevant. And its hands-free functionality empowers everyone, from ages 2 to 102.

Noisy? No Problem

Highly accurate voice recognition technology, almost regardless of your surroundings.

Hands-Free Control

Hands-free functionality lets everyone effortlessly take control, from young children to the elderly.

Broad Processor & Platform Compatibility

Telisma works with a wide array of platforms and processors

Large processor compatibility

Compatible with a wide array of processors, including ARMv7, Atom CE5300, Qualcomm Scorpion, TI OMAP3530, TI DM3730, TI OMAP 44x0, and Intel x86, Atom Z530.

Large platform support

Compatible with a variety of platforms, including HTC with Android 2.2, BeagleBoard & BeagleBoard-XM with Angstrom, Intel Atom evaluation board with Linux, and Intel x86 workstation with Windows & Linux, Samsung III with Android 4.0, Nexus 7 with Android 4.1.