discover what telisma can do for you

Give your customers the service they deserve with no added frustrations

teliSpeech Server edition

on-line speech capture + on-line speech recognition

Customizable and Expandable

The extensible solution that puts you in control

Broad Language Support

Choose from over 40 languages; easily create or fine tune your own.

Improve Command Recognition

Quickly modify and expand voice recognition capabilities for more seamless communication.

Standards-Based Solutions

Our industry standards compliance supports you via XML 2.0, MRCP 1.0, SISR, SRGS, NLSML, and SNMP.

Dependable Voice Recognition

Surpass Your Goals

Voice recognition precision and accuracy to help you
surpass your goals

Improved Recognition Rates

Our constant technological evolution implies that you will always be on
the cutting edge of your business.

Proven Carrier Grade Reliability

Put your voice recognition needs into capable and caring hands.

Supporting Large Customers

Numerous large companies deploy and depend upon our services.

High Profile Customers

Major communications companies rely on our services daily,
including Cap Gemini and Orange.

Scalable and Dependable

Last year Telisma’s technology handled over 1 billion calls

100+ customers

Over 100 customers deploy and depend upon our services.

2+ million users

Major communications companies rely on our services daily.

5+ billion calls

Last year Telisma's technology handled over 5 billion calls.