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teliSpeech Server edition

Speech recognition software for IVR (Interactive Voice Response)


Efficient speech detection and High accuracy

Detects voice activity from the speaker and separates speech from background noise.
New DNN (Deep Neural Networks) decoder (Increased accuracy, decreases CPU cost)
Reliable confidence scores with N-Best Decoding with confidence score at word and sentence level
Thematic lexicons that cover proper nouns, first names,city names, street names, business names, song names or artist names updated on a regular basis

Multiple recognition capacity

Standard VXML grammar based
Large vocabulary (>10 K words)
SLM (Statistical language models ) for Natural language with semantic interpretation

Large language catalogue

Over 40 languages; and multilingual grammar support

Reliable and scalable

Secure and efficient deployments with load balancing, hot-plugged and high availability servers


TeliSpeech is 100% compliant with industry standards, including: VXML 2 , MRCP 1 & 2, SISR, SRGS,NLSML and SNMP.
TeliSpeech is certified with most telephony platforms (GVP, SVS,Voice Portal, Cisco, Asterix, OMS, Flexible Contact Centre …).

Supported OS

Windows 7 Professional and Windows Server 2008 R2 (32 and 64 bits)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x and 7.x (64 bits)

Professional Services

Project Life Cycle

From the creation to the launch of production

IVR CIP: Continual improvement process

Custom tuning cycle for QoS - An industrial process for QoS


Benefits For your business:

• Capacity to manage the increase of products and services available
• Provide self-service information
• Efficiency of the call qualification and routing
• Operators are focused on value added tasks
• Capacity to manage the increase of traffic

Benefits For your Customer:

• Natural interface for the customer
• Immediate qualification and call routing to the right operator
• Immediate qualification and call routing to the right self service
• Limit call duration & reduce waiting time
• Overall increase customer satisfaction

Statistical NLU Component and flow management

Statistical NLU Component

Normalization & morpho analysis
Intent identification
Entity extraction

Flow management

Browser-based flow editing:  to dragg nodes from your palette into a workspace and start to wire them together
Runtime in a single-click
Allows to manage the intelligence outside the Vxml to pool it with other connectors like Chatbot, Smartphone applications…